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The LA City scandal has caused deep wounds across communities and exposed inequities in how city government operates. While the political and civic leaders involved in the scandal must be held accountable, intercommunity healing and a more equitable future will require more than just resignations. A new vision of city governance is needed, and that vision needs to be rooted in and shaped by the perspectives of BIPOC and low-income Angelenos. In collaboration with residents, OUR LA will work to realize this vision and advance a community-based reform agenda. 

OUR LA is a multiracial, multi-generational, multi-issue, and intersectional coalition of community-based organizations and racial justice advocates committed to community voice, multiracial solidarity, power-building, racial equity, structural reform, and transparency.

OUR LA includes the following steering committee members:

OUR LA's goal is to engage community residents and educate policymakers and the public about the structural reforms needed to realize a more racially equitable Los Angeles. 


What is OUR LA?

What Is Structural Reform & Why Does It Matter? 

While fighting for changes that address specific issues, such as homelessness, housing, transportation, city services, etc., are urgent and important, tackling each on its own is not enough. We need to change the rules of the game – the very structures, systems, and processes – within our city government that bring about, perpetuate, and exacerbate racial and economic disparities, corruption, and underrepresentation of low-income and BIPOC communities. To achieve this goal, a multi-racial, structural reform agenda for city government must be rooted in communities most impacted by these racist systems and processes found within city government.

2023 Objectives and Activities 

  • Identify reform priorities through community convenings & disseminating community surveys across the city.
  • Develop a community reform agenda based on the feedback gathered at convenings and surveys.  
  • Engage in the city’s reform proposal process. 
  • Prepare for a possible 2024 ballot campaign.

Survey Results

The “Representation in LA City Survey (March 2023)” survey asked Angelenos their attitudes on how well the LA City Council currently represents them and their opinions on two potential reform measures in Los Angeles—an Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) and expanding the number of city council members. Additionally, the survey asked for their opinions on what LA City Council could change to represent their identities, interests, and needs more effectively. Learn what Angelenos had to say in our survey report.

Summer 2023 Convening Recap Images

View photos from our in-person convenings across LA County

In-Person Spring Convenings

Policy Recommendations

OUR LA integrated a racial and economic equity lens in the development of policy recommendations for LA City Council expansion and LA City and LAUSD independent redistricting commissions (IRC) by centering the experiences, needs, and priorities of low-income BIPOC Angelenos. Two policy workgroups were established, one focused on city council expansion recommendations, and the second focused on IRC recommendations. Both workgroups developed initial draft recommendations based on resident feedback gathered in March 2023 through:

  • 1,760 community surveys
  • Spring convenings

The workgroup analyzed the findings and themes from the survey and the convenings, conducted additional research, and integrated OUR LA’s values and goals into the drafting of initial policy recommendations. These were presented to community residents during the summer convenings. 

Based on participant feedback from the summer convenings, the IRC workgroup refined our recommendations for the LA City/LAUSD IRCs to reflect key themes and priorities elevated across these convenings. Below is Part I of the finalized IRC recommendations, showcasing new recommendations and updates to the initial recommendations. Part II, forthcoming, will elevate new and updated recommendations specific to the LAUSD IRC.

Stay tuned for our finalized recommendations regarding LA City Council expansion!

irc finalized recs

In the News

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