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Student Equity Need Index

The Struggles for Equity

The historic and entrenched disinvestment in schools has led to under-resourced and constrained schools perpetuating inequity for Black and Latinx students. The pandemic has widened the achievement gap. We must prepare all our students for the realities of today and the future economy.

Why SENI Matters

In close collaboration with Community Coalition and InnerCity Struggle, Catalyst California has produced a rigorous, research-based ranking of the highest need schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) that best meets the criteria for additional funding under the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). The Student Equity Need Index or “SENI” is a student-based equity need index used to inform the allocation of funds so that LAUSD can efficiently address the achievement gap. The Index includes indicators that measure percentages of targeted student populations, academic and community indicators that determine Highest, High, Moderate, Low, and Lowest need schools throughout all school levels in LAUSD.

Today, we see an unconscionable concentration of high and highest-need schools in parts of the district. A concentration of resources is needed to address those specific needs of “high” and “highest-need” schools in particular regions of the district. When we target resources to our most vulnerable
students, we uplift and support all.

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