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Black. Lives. Matter.

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Photo credit: Allen JSchaben / Los Angeles Times

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Michael Brown. Philando Castile. Sandra Bland. Walter Scott. Tamir Rice. Botham Jean. Tony McDade. Sean Bell. Amadou Diallo. Alton Sterling. Freddy Gray. Kendra James. Michael Dean. Eric Garner. Jamal Crawford III. Laquan McDonald. Samuel DuBose.

These and many, many more Black lives have been taken by the hands of law enforcement officers sworn to serve and protect our communities. Advancement Project California stands in solidarity with protestors demanding justice for Black lives and accountability for police departments across the nation. Enough is enough.

Take action. Silence is not an option. Fighting for a just and equitable future means speaking out against racist, systemic violence facing Black people in this country. Show that Black lives matter by donating to Black-led and Black-serving organizations.


And demand action from your local elected officials. In Los Angeles, Advancement Project California supports stronger police accountability, severely reducing funding for the Los Angeles Police Department, and reinvesting those funds into numerous programs that will benefit communities that have been largely impacted by officer-involved shootings, police brutality, and community violence. Read our budget demands and contact your city council member.

Join Advancement Project California today by making a donation to one of the many Black-led and Black-serving organizations in support of racial justice, and demand that people in power take concrete steps to protect Black lives.