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Annual Report

Dive deeper into the impact we have in policymaking and systems change in service of low-income communities of color in California.

2023 Impact Report

Our progressive racial justice movement has worked for decades to undo and repair harms from long ago. We are reversing public policies that have ignored the day-to-day conditions of Californians, particularly Californians of color. And we are dismantling systems that were designed to benefit the powerful and hold back everyone else.

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2022 Impact Report

We leveraged all that we learned and built in our nearly 25 years as Advancement Project California to initiate a new chapter as an independent organization.

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We are forging a future where all people benefit, all boats rise, and our communities are safe, healthy, and joyous. A future where public resources are targeted to those who live in the most challenging conditions that have been created by greed and exploitation. A future that leans into solidarity with one another.

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If 2016 was our wake-up call to the forces of hate, then 2020 has been our coming together to defeat those forces. In the process of mobilizing our communities for the 2020 election and throughout this wild year, we built a movement. And the momentum we’ve built together means we are that much closer to justice for all.

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As we celebrate Advancement Project California’s 20th Anniversary, we’ve reflected on 20 years of fighting for equity. Turns out, we have always been working toward the vision of a “Beloved California” — a society based on justice, equal opportunity, and love for one’s fellow human beings.

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In this time of tumultuous tweets, exasperating executive orders, and expression of white supremacy from the top echelons of our government, we are working hard to stay focused on our goal – to achieve our vision of a multiracial, fair and just democracy that truly represents “We the People.” Our programs, campaigns, and initiatives move California closer to that vision – to make it a little more real, every day, for more people.

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In spite of the political headwinds, we’ve had amazing success in pursuing our vision of racial equity for all Californians. The sheer amount of good stuff we made happen this year shows what can happen when we all work together – across issues, across geography, and across divisions of race, ethnicity, and class.

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