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Political Voice

Making State and Local Governments More Responsive, Participatory, and Representative.

Political Voice

Political Voice works to make state and local governments more participatory and representative of the communities they serve. Our goal is that all community members are able to genuinely participate in the making of effective public policy, in ways that go beyond just voting, and that governments respond equitably to community concerns. To accomplish this goal, we advocate for racially and economically just democracy reforms.

A more participatory and representative government is the bedrock for achieving a more racially and economically just California.  However, despite being a majority-minority state since 2000, California’s democracy does not reflect its demographic reality. Significant racial disparities persist in voting and other forms of political participation, such as contacting officials and donating to campaigns. Similarly, racial gaps persist in who is elected to public office. In both cases, whites, especially those who are more affluent, tend to be overrepresented, whereas people of color, especially those who are less affluent, tend to be underrepresented. It is imperative, now more than ever, that governments improve their ability to engage with a wider range of community residents and be more responsive to the diverse needs and interests of our growing populations.

In addition to expanding work that Catalyst California (formerly Advancement Project California) has done related to election systems, the census, and redistricting, Political Voice fights to improve local public participation systems so that all community residents have genuine opportunities to impact the policy decisions that affect their lives. Our recent redistricting work fostered powerful, multi-racial coalitions to develop and successfully advocate for districts that enable communities to elect candidates of choice across the state.  

Building upon our census and redistricting work, Political Voice is exploring additional reforms to continue the fight for more equitable representation, such as expanding independent redistricting commissions, campaign finance reform, and new voting systems.

  • Better institutional opportunities for community residents to participate in policy decision-making.
  • Decision-making bodies that better reflect the diverse interests and needs of their jurisdictions.
  • Elected officials with a demonstrated commitment to achieving a racially and economically just California.

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