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Research and Data Analysis

Power-Shifting Research

The Research & Data Analysis team engages in innovative research designed to reveal racial inequities and shift narratives and power. We focus on providing relevant, rigorous, and actionable data for campaign development, policy formation, and initiative building. We highlight the issues affecting communities most impacted by systemic racial injustice in climate, education, civic engagement, and more. Our work is done in deep partnership with communities of color to create meaningful data. To connect with us, please contact Chris Ringewald, Senior Director of Research and Data Analysis, at

Research and Data Values

The following values always guide the work we do.

Equity: We aim for data that reflects the stories and voices of communities of color impacted by oppressive systems.

Community: We design research methods collaboratively with community partners and ground truth findings with community.

Actionable: We produce analyses that are immediately relevant to current issues and campaigns to shift power and resources.

Transparency and accessibility: We use publicly available data and ensure our methods are shared and understandable for a wide range of audiences.

Accountability: We hold ourselves to a high standard of integrity and reliability and invest significant time in reviewing the quality of our data and methods.


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