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Bold Vision: Youth. Power. Democracy.

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Bold Vision is a multi-year, multi-sector initiative to create a better, more equitable Los Angeles County for our youth of color. We do this by transforming the systems that govern our lives.

Through Bold Vision, we hope to create an LA County where youth of color thrive and ultimately achieve their dreams.

This exciting new initiative leads with the principle of community engagement. We gathered youth of color, experts, practitioners, and community leaders to identify and discuss policy and systems changes needed to improve the lives of LA County’s youth of color.

The community engagement process focused on four subject areas tables that addressed the issues of:

  • Education;
  • Housing and Healthy Built Environment;
  • Youth Power and Democracy, and;
  • Youth Impacted by the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice systems.

Bold Vision also explored issues that cut across those subject areas — including health equity, immigration, and issues that youth of color with disabilities and LGBTQIA+ youth face.

The Bold Vision community engagement process is ongoing and will conclude in Spring 2021. It will culminate with a community council of 13 people-of-color-led youth-serving organizations developing a final set of policy recommendations shared in a public report. This report will serve as an equity roadmap for advocates and systems leaders to implement over the next decade and beyond.

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