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Budget Power Project

The Budget Power Project (BPP) boosts the power of BIPOC communities to engage in public budgeting processes. There is no more important time for this work - California has or will receive more than $100 billion in federal and state funding, through the American Rescue Plan Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure package, the Inflation Reduction Act, and initiatives funded by the state's own revenue streams. However, the combination of inflation, forecasted economic softening, and rising interest rates are creating austerity narratives that will cause debates to focus on cuts, instead of investments.

The BPP helps racial justice and power-building organizations strengthen their budget advocacy and advance equity narratives using data. These groups will be well positioned to elevate the voices of high-need residents in budget decision-making, leading to more economically stable and thriving communities.

Budget Power Project Explainer Videos

Visit the Budget Power Project website to learn more