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PRESS STATEMENT: Governor Newsom's Proposed 2024-25 Budget Must Safeguard Equity Despite Murky Financial Future



Press Contact: Ronald Simms Jr, Associate Director of Communications (202)-270-0936 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today, Governor Gavin Newsom released his proposed 2024-2025 budget as the state faces a $37.9 Billion deficit because of a severe revenue decline. In response, Catalyst California’s President and CEO, John Kim, delivered the following statement: 

“We no longer live in a world where California posts surplus after record surplus. What hasn’t changed, though, is what Californians need to thrive: access to quality education, childcare and other family supports, affordable housing, safe communities to live and play in, and a strong social safety net for support.  

“Time and again, Governor Newsom has signaled his commitment to equity, and we applaud him for proposing a budget that maintains critical investments in the Birth to 12th Grade system, such as rate community schools, reform for child care providers, and other supports for children and families. However, the Governor’s budget makes continued cuts in other critical areas like climate change while investing more money into expanding a criminal legal system that disproportionately harms people of color and has consistently failed to improve community safety. 

“Addressing a deficit of this scope will be challenging, but the state can take a balanced approach to solve the problem while leaving services needed by communities of color untouched.  We urge the Governor and legislature to continue this balanced approach through every step of the budget process, especially as projections and proposals are updated in the May Revise. 

“Our leaders must be committed to investing in essential services to meet the needs of low-income and communities of color, who repeatedly bear the brunt of cost-saving measures, higher housing costs, and economic downturns. Our communities suffered through the pandemic and, before that, an inequitable and incomplete recovery from the Great Recession. Budgets reflect our values and the 2024-25 budget must show that the lives of residents that could be most impacted by cuts matter.” 

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