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2024 Birth to 12th Grade Water Cooler Conference


You're Invited!

Bridging Systems to Center Racial Justice for Children and Families

Join us for our first in-person Birth to 12th Grade Water Cooler Conference in nearly five years as we and other advocates, community leaders, students, and policymakers from across California discuss the issues impacting early childhood and K-12 education. This year, we're focusing on the theme, "Bridging Systems to Center Racial Equity for Children and Families."

The pandemic highlighted inequities and disparities that exist across our communities of color. However, our systems are not currently aligned to be inclusive, equitable, and sustainable for all children and families to thrive. This is a critical moment to engage in key conversations where we think holistically and strategically about policies and solutions that prioritize racial equity. Now is the time to ensure a racially just, whole child-centered Birth to 12th grade system that lifts all children and families of color. 

We look forward to reconnecting with you in person. Register today to join us!

Here is a glimpse of some of the topics that will be discussed during the conference: 

  • The current state of the Birth to 12th grade education landscape and key opportunities & challenges within the field 
  • What’s needed to create the conditions for a welcoming, affirming, and liberating environment for learning & development 
  • The impact of and the collective fight against the harmful narrative and policies emerging in an increasingly embattled landscape 
  • Insights on transformative approaches within education that are grounded in community-shared power and partnership 
  • How California can protect equity during a time of economic uncertainty 
  • Reflections on current efforts to build bridges across the Birth to 3rd grade and opportunities to strengthen connection 
  • Opportunities for greater cohesion across the Birth to 12th grade system that addresses the whole child through a racial equity approach 

Meet Our Keynote Speaker